• Battlefield Hardline Hack

    Are you looking for ways to get an advantage in Battlefield Hardline ? If so you should consider using our Hack.
    With our hack you get features that will give you a high advantage over other players.
    You can fully customize the hack to your own wishes, Only want to use ESP? No problem!

    Battlefield Hardline Features

    Compatible Direct X Versions

    DxVersion - 10 and 11


    Advanced Aimbot Configuration
    ◦Aim Key - Use your own aimbot key
    ◦Aim Style -(Distance, Closest to Cross-hair, Lowest Health)
    ◦Aim Bone Scan - (Scan for visible bones on an enemy's body) ● ◦Aim Suppression - (Will only aim at players with enough health to survive a hit, so you can receive suppression/kill assist points)
    ◦Aim Auto-Wall - (Aim at targets behind penetrable/breakable walls)
    ◦Aim Vehicles - (Aim at vehicles)
    ◦Aim Vehicle Part-Scan - (Scan for visible parts of a vehicle)
    ◦Aim Jet Follow - Automatically prioritize other Jets
    ◦Aim Debugging - (Display technical information about what the aimbot is doing)
    ◦Aim Visibility - (Checks if player is behind wall/object)
    ◦Aim FOV - Customize your field of view)
    ◦Smooth-Aim - Human-Like Aiming
    ◦Bone Selection - Aim at different parts of the enemy's body
    ◦Aim Lock - Keep the Aimbot locked to one particular enemy
    ◦Auto-Fire - Automatically fire the weapon when the Aimbot has a target
    •Damage Modifier ◦Damage - One Shot Kill


    Name ESP - Displays the Name of the player
    Box ESP - Draws a box around the player and other objects like the Vehicles
    Health ESP - Displays the health of each player
    Distance ESP - Displays the Distance between you and the player
    Visibility Checks - Aimbot will only lock on a visible player
    Vehicle ESP - Displays the vehicles
    Chams- Displays the players and vehicles
    Explosive ESP - Displays explosives
    •Auto-Spotting - Automatically spot enemies
    •Auto-Spotting Delay - Configure the delay between each mass spot


    •Unlock Passenger View - - Remove view restrictions as a passenger
    •Admin Chat - - [ADMIN]YourName: your text here
    •Super-Vaulting - Makes you jump very high
    •Magic Bullet - Kill people through walls
    •Auto-Heal - Regenerate your health constantly (99% Godmode)
    •Extra Kits - Replace your knife/grenade/gadgets with gadgets from other classes
    •Vehicle Unlocks Hack - Replace your vehicles upgrades with other primary/secondary weapons/countermeasures


    Soldier Chams - Soldiers will be fully colored so you can easly see them and also see them behind walls
    Vehicle Chams - Vehicles will be fully colored so you can easly see them and also see them behind walls

    Anti Cheat

    Clean Punkbuster Screenshots - The hack will return clean screenshots
    No screenshot or (black)block screenshot - The hack wont return a screenshot or black screenshots
    Anti Fairfight Security - Extra security layers to make the hack more fairfight proof
    PB Bypass - Extra security layers to make the hack more punkbuster proof


    Magic bullet - Kills with one shot - kill everybody easily - kill people in chopper- kill behind walls
    Vehicle unlock swapping-
    Gadget unlock swapping-


    •No Breath
    •No Recoil



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       Screenshot 9 Screenshot 10 Screenshot 11 Screenshot 12

    Just want to say that the BF:3 hack is the most advanced hack i've ever seen , the new menu looks kinda nice and the community is pretty cool .

    BFH is the masterrace of hacks.

    Thanks DMX for your game setting. This probably the most advance hack I have used in my life. I was the gunner in the Heli and I was having a blast. That guy -l-skiggz-l- he got mad skills flying a heli. Once the round was done he figure out I was hacking. You all need to friend him he got legit skills. Still trying to learn more about the hack but I just wanna have fun first.

    Amazing hack being a Gunner
    The only reason I have deaths cuase the pilot kept getting me killed :(