• Battlefield 3 hack

    Are you looking for ways to get an advantage in Battlefield 3? If so you should consider using our Hack.
    With our hack you get more then 40+ features that will give you a high advantage over other players.
    You can fully customize the hack to your own wishes, Only want to use ESP? No problem!
    Do you suck in vehicles and only want to use the hack when your in vehicles? No problem, just turn off the normal aimbot and only activate the vehicle aimbot and your good to go.

    Battlefield 3 Cheat Features


    Aimstyle - Distance, Closest to Crosshair
    Advanced Aimbot Configuration
    Aim Key - Selectable aim key for aimbot
    Aim FOV - Configurable
    Aim Bone - Head, Chest, Knee etc.
    Aim Bone Scan - If the aim bone is not visible, it will scan for other bones
    Aim At Players - The aimbot will lock to enemy players.
    Aim At Vehicles - The aimbot will lock to enemy vehicles.
    Aim At Gadgets - The aimbot will lock to enemy gadgets.
    Aim Distance - Adjust max distance
    Aim Lock - Lock onto targets
    Auto Wall - The aimbot will kept locked on a player when they move behind a wall or other object
    Aim Visibility Checks - Will make the aimbot check if a player can be hit
    Aim Prediction - The aimbot will predict where a enemy will be
    Auto-Shoot - The aimbot will auto shoot on players
    Aim On Vehicles - The aimbot will aim at vehicles ( of foot for RPG,Sraw,Javelin,etc )
    Smooth Aimbot - Some bullets will miss the target to make it more legit
    Triggerbot - The aimbot will only shoot when a enemy is in your crosshair

    Vehicle Aimbot

    Vehicle Aimbot - Use the aimbot in AA,tanks,choppers,boats,etc
    Jet Aimbot - A stand alone aimbot specaly coded for the JET
    TV-Aimbot - Aimbot to use with the attack heli TV guided rockets
    Inverse Pitch - Changing the x-axis for better flying in jets
    Aim Vehicle Part Scan - If the Vehicle part is not visible, it will scan for other parts
    Aim Vehicle Target - Make the aimbot aim to the vehicle or player inside the vehicle
    Vehicle Aim Factor - Configurable
    Passenger Aim Factor - Configurable
    Perfect Jet - With this feature turned on you will get alot of extra controll on flying jets.


    Name ESP - Displays the Name of the player
    Box ESP - Draws a box around the player and other objects like the Vehicles
    Health ESP - Displays the health of each player
    Distance ESP - Displays the Distance between you and the player
    Visibility Checks - Aimbot will only lock on a visible player
    Skeleton ESP - Displays the skeleton of players ● Gadget ESP - MAV, Soflam etc
    Supply ESP - Displays supply drops
    Explosive ESP - Displays explosives
    Missile ESP - Displays missile`s
    Grenade ESP - Displays grenade trown by the enemy
    Weapon ESP - Displays the weapon of a enemy player
    Pickup ESP - Displays weapons and items to pickup
    Mini-map - Displays enemy`s on the minimap
    Crosshair - Displays a 2D crosshair to help for better aim
    Aim Warning ESP - Enemy is aiming at you!
    Vehicle ESP - Displays the vehicles
    Vehicle Info ESP - Displays vehicle information
    ESP Scale Adjustment - Adjust the ESP scale
    Vehicle ESP Customization - Select what vehicle info esp to show ( Box/Name/Health )
    Spectator Warning - Warns you if somebody is spectating you from the Spectator slot so you can then play clean to prevent player reports
    2D Radar - Displays a 2D radar that shows players ( like the ingame minimap )


    No Recoil - Removes Kickback from the weapon
    No Spread - Removes bullet spread
    No Breath - Removes breath
    No Overheat - Removes the overheating of weapons
    No Fog - Removes Fog
    No Sky - Removes sky
    No Sun - Removes the sun
    No Foliage - Removes the foliage ( Grass, tree's etc. )
    No Colorcorrection - Removes the colorcorrection
    Anti-Blind - You wont get blinded by enemy lights


    Auto-Spotting - Will auto spot enemy players and vehicles for you
    Magic bullet - Kills with one shoot - kill everybody easily - kill people in chopper- kill behind walls
    Magic Bullet Weapon Name - Select any weapon that will show up as the kill weapon when you use magic bullet
    Auto-Eject - auto eject when your jet or other vehicle is almost destroyed
    Auto Heal - Auto heals your player so its much harder to get you killed
    Auto-Revive - Auto recive when somebody is near you
    Auto-Knife - Auto knifes when somebody is near you
    Auto-C4 - Auto blow C4 just before you get killed
    Force Unlocks - Be able to use unlocks for weapons if you dont own them
    Ping Spoof - The hack will send a fake ping to look more clear for FF

    Anti Cheat

    Clean Punkbuster Screenshots - The hack will return clean screenshots
    No screenshot or (black)block screenshot - The hack wont return a screenshot or black screenshots
    PB Bypass - Extra security layers to make the hack more punkbuster proof

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    Just want to say that the BF:3 hack is the most advanced hack i've ever seen , the new menu looks kinda nice and the community is pretty cool .

    BFH is the masterrace of hacks.

    Thanks DMX for your game setting. This probably the most advance hack I have used in my life. I was the gunner in the Heli and I was having a blast. That guy -l-skiggz-l- he got mad skills flying a heli. Once the round was done he figure out I was hacking. You all need to friend him he got legit skills. Still trying to learn more about the hack but I just wanna have fun first.

    Amazing hack being a Gunner
    The only reason I have deaths cause the pilot kept getting me killed :(