• Titanfall hack

    Are you looking for ways to get an advantage in titanfall? If so you should consider using our Hack.
    With our hack you get more then 20+ features that will give you a high advantage over other players.
    You can fully customize the hack to your own wishes, Only want to use ESP? No problem!
    Do you suck in titans and only want to use the hack when your in a titan? No problem, just turn off the player aimbot and only activate the titan aimbot and your good to go.

    Titanfall Cheat Features


    Player Aimbot - Aim at players and npcs
    Titan Aimbot - Use the aimbot in the titan
    Aim Key - Selectable aim key for aimbot
    Aim Bone - Head, Chest, Knee etc.
    Aim Type - Closest to crosshair, health,distance...
    Aim Lock - Lock on target


    Name Engine ESP - Displays the Name of the player over the engine
    Name ESP - Displays the Name of the player
    Box ESP - Draws a box around the player and other objects like the Vehicles
    Health ESP - Displays the health of each player
    Distance ESP - Displays the Distance between you and the player
    Visibility Checks - Aimbot will only lock on a visible player
    Titan ESP - Displays titans ● Proximity ESP - Checks and inform you if an enemy is in the near
    NPC ESP - Displays Grunt, Spectre and Marvin

    Anti Cheat

    FF protection- The hack wont get instant ff bans but raging can result into ff because of stats
    No screenshot or (black)block screenshot - The hack wont return a screenshot or black screenshots

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    Just want to say that the BF:3 hack is the most advanced hack i've ever seen , the new menu looks kinda nice and the community is pretty cool .

    BFH is the masterrace of hacks.

    Thanks DMX for your game setting. This probably the most advance hack I have used in my life. I was the gunner in the Heli and I was having a blast. That guy -l-skiggz-l- he got mad skills flying a heli. Once the round was done he figure out I was hacking. You all need to friend him he got legit skills. Still trying to learn more about the hack but I just wanna have fun first.

    Amazing hack being a Gunner
    The only reason I have deaths cuase the pilot kept getting me killed :(